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This week I have tried out two Physicians Formula products, Sexy Booster bronzer and Smoky Shimmer Strips. I am wearing Revlon’s Colourstay foundation for normal/dry skin and Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I am also wearing a tiny bit of Revlon’s contour powder in their contour palette for light skin.

The first product I applied was the Sexy Booster bronzer, I didn’t like this product at all. 20180308_200444It applied patchy with very little pigment. I then moved in the light and my forehead was covered in gold glitter, this throw me because there was very little colour but a lot of shimmer. I feel like this product could work really well as a highlight on a darker skin colour, however as a bronzer it is not great. This was such a shame because I adore the butter bronzer which I use every day.


I then moved onto my eyes I applied a little of the contour colour to my crease just to add some depth before adding the shimmer colours. I 20180308_200714started by using a dry flat brush and just pressing one of the darker silver colours from the Smoky Shimmer Strips onto my whole lid. This did give me some pay off but I wanted to see how shimmery I could make it so I added some of Makeup Revolutions Aqua Seal drops. These helped make it a little more shimmery and I adore this colour. I then tried to take the blue/purple  shimmer and line my top lashes with this because It does describe its self as eyeshadow and liner. However even with the drops I couldn’t get the colour pay off that I wanted. In conclusion I like these as cool toned shimmery eyeshadows but not as liner.


My testing of these products wasn’t as positive as I hoped but this is the risk that I take when trying new products. I have enjoyed finding the shimmer strip because I do like doing a cooled toned eye.

I look forward to showing you guys some more products next Friday at 8PM (GMT).


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