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Sorry today’s post is a day late my wifi decided to give up yesterday!

This week I tried out some of Primark’s new makeup I have a eyeshadow pallette and lip products which I’m really excited about.

The first product I tried out was the PS Urban eyeshadow palette. I primed my eyes with my Makeup Revolution concealer. I used a dense blending brush to take the forth shade and blended this all over my lid to set my primer but focused it in the crease, then I took the light peachy second shade in the crease on a nice fluffy brush and under on my lower lash line. Next I took the bright orange shade back through the crease and starting to build up  it up more, I also applied the on the outer corner. It needed more depth through so I took the brown shade on a flat fluffy brush on the outer corners and blended it out. Lastly this look needed some shimmer so I took the first shade which is a shimmery white colour on my inner corner and dragged it onto my inner lid, it wasn’t too shimmery so I added a spritz of setting spray which helped make it pop. I also took this colour with the setting spray under my brow bone and it is stunning there. Overall I would say these aren’t the most pigmented shadows Primark have but they do blend nicely and I will be trying the more bold colours another day and will update you guys on how I find them.

Next I used one of their PS Insta Girl Intense Liquid lipstick and I had 2 colours to choose from, a rosy pink colour and then a cool toned purple colour. I decided to go for the pink colour because the eye look was warm and I through the purple was a little too cool. I found the wand easy to apply the product with, its a smaller wand than an average which one this meant it was easy to apply without a lip-liner. The formula was very comfy but did transfer and came off when I ate.

The last product I tested from Primark was from their NUDES collection, I was planning to buy more from this collection but my local Primark didn’t have much of the collection and what they had didn’t really interest me. However I was curious by this Eye and Lip Gloss Stick in nude, they had two shades pink and nude. I haven’t personally heard of a gloss for both the eyes and lips so that interested me and secondly it was a twist up applicator instead of the usual doe-foot applicator. This gloss has a very sheer tint but over  the lipstick I have on it won’t be noticeable. I really like this gloss it applied really nicely and wasn’t at all sticky on my lips. I did add a little bit of the gloss to my eyes and it was very sticky however it probably would be lot nicer with a glitter over the top but I couldn’t find one to put on from Primark.

I am a massive fan of Primark makeup and for the most part these did not disappoint. The eyeshadows were just not the most pigmented but other than that I enjoyed the product and I loved both the lip products.

Thanks so much for joining me this week and I look forward to seeing you all again next week on Friday at 8pm GMT!


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