48 Hour Eyeliner!

Hello Lovelies!

This week I went out of my comfort zone and went for an eyeliner and thought what better than a 48 hour one! This is one from the brand C.Y.O which in the UK you can get in Boots. I also have on of their Lipstick/Lip-liner which I tried out when I first applied the eyeliner.


My first thoughts about the eyeliner is that is was really black which was amazing and for the first third of the eyelid it was easy to apply.  However after that it started glooping in my lashes and moving under and other my eyes which was awful! It was ok to  remove straight away with an oil makeup remover but one spot I didn’t see till later was hard to get off and required some scrubbing. Once applied I was happy with the colour and once I removed as much of the gunk from my lashes as I could it looked good. However my mascara did apply a little clumpy which was a shame.

Next I tried the Lipstick/Lip-liner double ended product. I LOVE the idea for this 2 products in one, Its convenient/easy way of applying lippy on the go. Firstly I applied the  lip-liner unfortunately its a dry formula which drags almost painfully on the lips. I finished it off with the lipstick which is a lovely comfy glossy lipstick which I really enjoyed wearing. I was disappointed with the lip-liner especially after knowing the lipstick was quite so good because now I have a nice lipstick but its bulky packaging  because I wont be using the liner much at all.

This is the eyeliner after I had slept on it and I am pleasantly surprised about how good it looked because although it was slightly faded and starting to crumble at the edges I was happy to wear this for the day.

Well this went downhill rather quickly! I was planning to sleep in this one more night and wear it one more day but this is not going to work as it completely crumpled off one eye! However the leftover eyeliner needed some scrubbing to get off which did make my eyes sore.

In evaluation I do this this a good eyeliner if you need a really long lasting eyeliner something like a show or a night out. I don’t think it is a 48 hour one though and I’m not sure its something I will use often either just because of the gloopyness on my lashes which was just a pain to sort out.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next Friday at 8pm GMT!


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