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I’ve decided I’m going to start a testing two products from a brand series a mixture of cheap brands to standard drug store brands to the highest high end.

This week I’m testing two products from the brand Sunkissed. Locally I can only get this brand in a few chemists and those random shops in shopping centres which sell health and beauty products for cheaper than the RRP.

This week I have an eyeshadow palette that cost £2.99 and a blush which was £2.99. The eyeshadow palette is a brown toned palette which is mostly  shimmers with three mattes, two satin,  five shimmer and then 2 cream glitter shades. As you can see from these swatches there is huge variety in quality, the mattes are partially patchy and then there is one shimmer which is more of a metallic and is completely stunning and definitely going onto my eyes.

I applied this starting with a base colour and then building up the crease with the matte and satin colours. Next I used a flat fluffy brush to deepen the outer edge and blended all this together. I then applied the stunning metallic gun metal colour to my entire lid and blended this in and it looked beautiful.


I was however desperate to try out the cream colours so I took some of the beautiful iridescent white based cream (the photos do it no justice) and just patted it onto the lid and it looked beautiful and caught the light in the best way. I took the top  left colour and just highlighted my inner corners and brow bone. I also took it on my cheek bones but it didn’t show up at all.

Lastly I applied the blush which in the pan is this beautifully ombre effect so I just swirled my brush in the whole lot and applied it. It has a slight shimmer but applies very nicely to the cheeks and gives a nice healthy glow.


Over all I was very impressed with the blush because it is a very pretty blush but saying that it isn’t anything too special. The eyeshadows, well the cream which I tried I liked and looked good. The shimmers where good but the mattes lacked anything special. As you can see this palette has a lot of fallout which isnt always the end of the world but when the palette is lacking pigmentation it isn’t great.

Anyways thanks for reading and see you next week and we shall be testing another two product from another brand.



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