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Hiya Guys,

Hope you are enjoying these chocolate filled post Easter weeks! This week we are testing two products from the brand NYX. NYX is a drugstore brand but one of the higher priced ones in Boots.

I have one of their mosaic powders and a lip product this week. So I went ahead and did all my makeup excluding highlighter and lips using the products which I have in the photo below. On a side note I absolutely love the Soph x Revolution palette hence it is really filthy, its all I have been using recently!


First I applied the highlighter powder to my inner corner brow bone and cheek bones. It seemed ok but its definitely not a blinding highlight. It looks matte on my finger all swirled together and when I swatch them all mixed up its like a champagne subtle highlight. However when I swatched then individually  they where chalky and not that pigmented and shimmer. The other thing which was confusing about this powder is what it was actually supposed to use it because on the packaging it calls itself three different things, Mosaic Powder, Highlighter and Blush. Once I swatched it though the only thing I think it would be worth using it as is highlighter because it is not a colour that would even work as a blush on someone as pale on me and there is not enough pigment for the powder to work on the eyes either.

I then applied the lip product which describes itself as a glossy lip tint which is exactly what it feels like when you first apply it. Its thin as you apply it and has good pigmentation but is a little bit streaky however a second coat fixed this. Unlike a tint it lives up to a gloss and stays moveable on my lips and transfers fully which could be risky with bright colours like this one. It also has the comfort quality of a gloss which makes it nice to wear and I did enjoy the colour. When it came to taking it off though I noticed it hadn’t tinted the lips at all so although easy to remove I’m not sure what the lasting powers on the lips would be.

To finish this look off I added another layer of the highlighter to the same places which helped intensify it to a level I was happier with however it didn’t come across on camera very well.

So all in all these products weren’t bad from NYX but I’m not sure they were the best NYX has to offer so I think I will be trying two more products at some point in the future. Although with the work the highlighter wasn’t bad I’m not sure it was good enough for the effort it took. The lip product I did like and enjoy I’m just not sure how practical it will be if it removes easily.

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