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Hi Guys,

Sorry its been 10 days since I last posted been a little bit crazy this last week, however today I have a large haul from Colourpop to share with you. I love Colourpop makeup and this is the third parcel I have had from them. Colourpop is amazing quality and great prices, the only rubbish thing is that when I order from them I have to pay customs and handling fees which sucks!


I ordered everything from Liquid Lipsticks, Lipsticks, Highlight, Blush, Palettes ect. Some of this stuff I did use before this blog post because I’ve been away working for three weeks. So the photo below is everything I ordered the bits I was partically excited about was the Dream St collab palette with Kathleen Lights and the new Lux lipsticks.

Looking at the lipsticks first I got two matte liquid lipsticks in Sizzle and Needle and Thread. I wanted colours for the summer so Sizzle is a bright red and Needle and Thread which is pink, both are lovely and I adore the matte formula because even through slightly drying they last for a long time. I also got a couple of their newer blotted lip formula, this a less pigmented matte formula which lasts nicely on the lip and is more comfy on the lips. I went for the colours Zuma and Slide, one brown nude colour and a pink colour and I have been wearing Zuma almost every day since because it is my perfect nude. I then got two LUX in Appy and Money Side Up, and like before I went for a brown nude and a pink, this formula is so comfy and the pigment is enough that its a quick easy application. I got two Lippie Stix in Parker and Lumiere, Lumiere is more purple than I expected so less wearable in my extremerly pale skin but Parker is a nice colour. I also wanted to try the lip liners and WOW the formula is so smooth and glides on with out tugging on the lip at all I got the colours 951 and Beeper. The only thing I dislike about them is they need sharpening and I can never find a sharpener but that is a little thing which is able to be easily fixed by keeping the sharpener in my lipstick drawer!

I also hadn’t tried any of the Super Shock face products so I got two highlighters and a blush. The blush was the shade Prenup and it looks scarily dark in the pan but it is actually perfect even for my ghostly complexion and then I got two highlights Flexitarian and Monster. I got Flexitarian because anyone who is anyone in the beauty world loves and raves about this highlight and honestly I can see why because this highlight is beautiful it is a glowing to the gods highlight! it is a light gold beautiful strong highlight and I love it in my inner corners and eyebrow brow bone as well as my cheek bones. Monster is a pink reflect more natural highlight which is beautiful on those rare days where I don’t want to have a blinding highlight.

I also got the lightest shade of concealer and one of the supernova shadows in Firecracker. Although both of the products are ok they aren’t my favourite. The supernova shadow crumpled on my lid when I tried it and left my under-eyes covered in flecks of it and became quite uncomfy on the eyes. The only problem I have with the concealer is that even the lightest colour is a touch to dark which is just a bit frustrating but not a problem with the formula.

Lastly lets talk about these palettes which I am so excited about. I actually took Yes, Please! away on work with me but I kept Dream St at home for a First Impressions (follow the blog so you get notified when that bonus post goes up) I was using Yes, Please! every day because the pigment is gorgeous and Dream St is just as beautiful and I love the colours are a bit more different meaning my creative juices where flowing fast!

So this was my HUGE colourpop haul hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for some bonus posts going up in the near future!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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  1. I absolutely love their super shock shadows! They are amazing and stay put and have no fallout, the only bad thing is they are hard to apply with a brush and you have to use your fingers but thats not even horrible. I got my sister the Dragon color for the supernova liquid eyeshadow and I really liked it so I have an order coming in soon where I got a very pretty color. Cant wait to test it out! I love Colourpop and if I wasn’t so dang broke id buy more and try it all out!


    1. The super shock shadows are gorgeous I need to get them out and start using them again, I have found really dense round brush can be used but a finger is always best! I think I need to play around with the supernova shadows a bit more but they are pretty! Good luck with your order.. lets hope we don’t all end up spending all our money on coloupop!

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