Full Face of Colourpop!


Today’s post is a  little bonus Full Face because I was so excited to test out the Colourpop makeup which I hauled on Monday. I’ve been getting a little tired of a neutral coloured eye look and teal metallic shade in Dream St was calling to be put all over the lid.



I started by putting the concealer under my eyes and on my blemishes and patted it in with my RT sponge, the colour was a little dark so I used my white Stargazer powder to lighten it up. The coverage is  a light/medium on me and it did look slightly powder but that probably isn’t helped by needing to lighten it with the powder.


I then started by using the bone colour in Yes, Please! all over the lid and then used the light brown colours in both palettes to build up the crease. I then took the beautiful red colour from Dream St all over my crease and buffed this all over and blending it to create a bold red crease. I then took the Colourpop concealer and cut my crease and set the concealer with the bone colour again. I then took the gorgeous teal metallic colour, which I have been dying to use for weeks now, using a flat brush and applied this on lid. It looked gorgeous and I didn’t have to use any setting spray which is unusual for a shimmer shade! I lastly took a smudger brush and applied the red colour on my under-eye and then blended this out with a little bit of the bone colour.

I lasting finished my face makeup off with the Blush in Prenup which is scary dark in the pan, but actually takes a lot of building up because it doesn’t have much pigment but I actually like this because it doesn’t makeup me look clown-like! I then used Flexitarain on my cheekbones, inner corners and brow bone. I love this shine it just brings so much light and brightness to the face. I used Sizzle on my lips which is one of Colourpop’s matte liquid lipsticks, This colour is almost a complete match for the red colour on the eyes which was amazing! Although this colour does need a lip-liner which I didn’t have so the application isn’t perfect but I do adore the colour and I think it finishes off the look perfectly.

So after testing all these products I can still say that I love Colourpop makeup and these eyeshadows are stand out products. Before this haul I had only used their Super Shock Shadows but its safe to say these pressed powders are as good if not better and I will continue to build my Colourpop collection!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know if you guys have tried Colourpop makeup and what your standout product is!


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