April Favourites 2018


April has been a month where I was travelling for work a lot and not home very much.  This meant that I had to be a lot more selective with the makeup I took and used which helped me to find some great holy grail products!


I’m going to start with a skincare product which is something I haven’t spoken about yet on my blog but I have been loving this Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner. It has been a multi-use product for me.  I have of course been loving spraying it on my face its a lovely cooling mist and it feels lovely and I do find it hydrating, I also find that because of the camomile it is very calming. Whilst I was away working my cartridge piercings starting getting sore, I hadn’t brought any cleaning fluid with me and was a bit stuck with what to do until I remembered how calming this felt. I sprayed  this on my ear and WOW it made it so much more comfortable, of course this isn’t once of the recommended ways to use it that they suggest but it definitely is a diverse product. At the moment I only have the travel size and I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out.

I have had 2 eyeshadow palettes which I have loved this month, one is the Soph X palette which I always travel with and adore and its grubby and very obviously well loved. The other is my Dream St Colourpop palette which is one I have been loving while at home because although I feel it would be difficult to travel with but I have adored the colours for everyday shimmer eyes and also beautiful dramatic eyes.

These 4 lip products are what I’ve been, almost exclusively, using this month. The Colourpop liner is my perfect brown nude liner and looks gorgeous with both the liquid lippies pictured above. I use it to contour my lips with the Nip+Fab colour and just as a gorgeous liner with the Colourpop Blotted Lip. I have already raved about my Colourpop Blotted lip in Zuma in my Colourpop Haul post so go check that out if you would like to hear more about that. I love Nip+Fab liquid lipsticks and previously fallen in love with a colour called Toffee but this month I have been using Marshmallow which is a lighter brown nude. I am not keen on this colour alone because it washes me out but paired with the Colourpop liner. Lastly my Buxom Lip Creme Plumper in the colour Dolly, this is both a comfortable gloss and a beautiful colour. The shade Dolly is a gorgeous pink colour which looks like such a healthy my lips but better colour. But the thing about this gloss which amazes me the most is its lasting power, this gloss easily lasts 8 hours and even still tingles a little bit its only when I eat food that it goes because this gloss even lasts through a drink or two.

These are the highlighters and blush which I have been loving. Again the Colourpop highlighter in Flexitarain I spoke about in my Colourpop Haul post so I’m not going to talk about this beautiful thing today but its still my Ride or Die Highlight but while travelling I needed something multipurpose and easy and that when I found Glow by Natural Collection which can be brought here in Boots in the UK, this one is in the colour Peachy. The blush alone is a beautiful colour and sometimes I mix a little of the highlight in which is just a lovely glowy blush. The highlight side is a yellow/white gold and is a blinding highlight which can just be swiped on and blended like a dream.

These two bronzers are beautiful on my ghostly pale skin. I use the Butter Bronzer to lightly contour and deepen the face. Then I use a huge fluffy fan brush and dust the perimeter of my face with the Elizabeth Arden Bronzer which is a lot more glowly and just gives the face a beautiful glow from within sun kissed skin.

The rose gold packaged product is an eyebrow mascara. Nude by Nature is an Australian brand which is just starting to come over to the UK and I am so glad that they are! this is the best brow mascara I have ever used. It has an itty bitty spoolie which means I can get each brow hair individually getting the perfect coverage and shape.  The MUA Pro-Base setting spray isn’t a spray I use to set my makeup for the lasting power. I adore how glowy this makes my skin look! I apply my foundation and powder and then spray this all over to set it down before adding any bronzer/blush/highlighter so that my skin is looking healthy.

So these have been my favourites this month and I can’t wait for the next month because I’m home and will be trying a load more makeup and hope to find a load more favourites that I’ll be able to share with you next month! Leave a comment of what you have been loving this month.


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