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Hey Guys,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. This week is another installment of Testing Two, I am testing Revolution’s new line Revolution Pro. I am on the search for a new eyebrow pencil at the moment so I thought I would pick up their ‘Micro-blading’ pencil and then I couldn’t resist this eyeshadow palette called Allure.

I first applied the rest of my face of makeup which was pretty much my current favourites. I have put the pictures down below but if you want to know all my favourites then feel free to check out my April favourites post which was up last week.

I started by testing the eyebrow pencil first and well.. it isn’t the right colour! However that isn’t the products fault, its my fault for not choosing correctly but in my defense there were no testers! Once I got past the colour my other hang up with this product is the nib itself. The product is in a lovely thin stick but then the nip itself is flat like a flat circle. this makes it so difficult for myself as a beginner in eyebrows to get hairlike neat strokes. I did enjoy the formula it was soft but not slippy and blended nice with the spoolie on the other side. There is not much I can say about the spoolie it did its job and was convenient on the other side.

I then moved onto the palette which is just stunning is has the beautiful gold filled with gold and silver sparkles and then the gorgeous bronze with green sparkles and then the one I feel most drawn too and one which I feel is the most unique a pinky purple with blue sparkles. I just had to use the pinky colour because right next to it was a purple maroon colour which I was always drawn too.

I started by taking the cream colour all over the lid and blended into the crease. The shadow had good coverage but what I had noticed is the huge amount of fall out! Although this is an inconvenience it doesn’t bother me too much because I can just tap it off and I still get amazing coverage. I then continued with the taupe colour and blended this nicely into the crease. I lastly for my crease took the purple colour and focused this more deeply into the crease then using the light colours to blend it out. I then added some of my Revolution Aqua Seal drops to the pinky colour  and used a small flat brush to press this onto my lid. It was as stunning as I assumed it would be, honestly you cannot see the half of it and definitely see if you can find a tester in store to see for yourself! In conclusion I love this palette the colours work together well and blend together nicely leaving a complete eye look very easy to complete and the fallout is a tiny negative which I can easily get over.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have tried anything of this brand let me know your favourites! I’m currently testing all 3 foundations thoroughly to give you guys a full review.




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