Best and Worst High-End Highlighters

I hope you are having a good week. Today I’m going to show you my best and worst high-end highlighters. I love highlighters they are probably my second favourite product (after eye-shadow palettes). However just because a highlighter is expensive definitely doesn’t mean that its a good highlighter.

The two products today are Becca Opal and Ofra Beverly Hills. These are the two high-end highlighters I have the strongest opinions about. My best high-end highlighter is the Ofra Beverly Hills and the worst is Becca Opal.

Lets start with my worse highlighter and the reasons its earned this title. Firstly I just didn’t find it to do much to the skin, there is a slight sheen but I found that it wasn’t flattering. Moving on from the lack of sheen what was put onto my skin was gone within 2 hours, it has no staying power whats so ever. The one positive is the texture is so soft and buttery, but then this is also a negative. I took my Becca on a trip to London, I had heard it was fragile so it was wrapped in socks and packed tight so there was no movement. It still managed to smash to pieces and although mine is a mini, its still expensive to smash while my makeup revolution ones are very travel proof.

I love my Ofra Beverly Hills highlighter. It just has the most intense sheen to the point that I barely stick my brush in the pan and get the strongest highlight. It lasts at the highest sheen for a good eight hours before it even starts to fade. My favourite part of the pan is the fact is has five different colours with in it meaning I can create a highlight of almost any tone to match any look. I was worried that it may to be dark for my ghost like skin tone but because I can match it by using more of the white highlighter. This makes it an ideal product for travel as it does match most of my looks. It also has been very travel proof for me and I have been on many trips with it.

See you next week, Beth x

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